What's new at Qcells - from brand renewal to winning the iF award
Do you remember the ‘Qcells Brand Day’ we had in April last year? It marked a new beginning for the Qcells brand as we unveiled the new brand platform, slogan, brand identity (BI), and product identity (PI).
What is my core value type?
To celebrate the beginning of spring, we conducted the Core Value Type Test,
also known as 'QBTI', to identify each employee's core value type.
Qcells' commitment to protect industry's R&D efforts
Hanwha Solutions("Qcells") recently entered into IP licensing agreement
with Chinese and German solar manufactures over its proprietary cell technology.
Greetings from Qcells' New Global CTO, Danielle Merfeld!
To my new Qcells colleagues,
I am thrilled to be joining the Qcells team this month
as your Global Chief Technology Officer.
Core Value Series #1 <What's Solar Hub>?
Qcells Makes the Largest Clean Energy Investment to Date in the US
2022 Brand Renewal Satisfaction Survey Data Overview
2022 was a meaningful year when the new brand of Qcells was created.
What may have been the images on brand renewal the Qcells employees experienced and empathized with?
Introducing Qcells' Core Values and Ethos
Introducing Qcells' Core Values and Ethos.
How to work better?
The Earth Day on April 22,
“Qcells Eco-Friendly Campaign” to practice being real Eco-Friendly!
Qcells held an in-house
“Eco-FriendlyCampaign” to celebrate the 52nd anniversary of Earth Day.
The New Change of Qcells to Real Eco-Friendly,
‘2022 Qcells Brand Day’
On April 5, 2022, Qcells held a declaration ceremony, ‘Qcells Brand Day’.
Shall we see the new side of Qcells?
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