Let me introduce Qcells’ Eco-friendly Welcome Kit!
Eco-friendly Welcome Kit, Let's do unboxing together!
The eco-friendly Welcome Kit which inculdes a note, pen, memo pad, thmbler and mouse pad has the message, "Welcome to meet the new Qcells!".
The Earth Day on April 22,
“Qcells Eco-Friendly Campaign” to practice being real Eco-Friendly!
Qcells held an in-house
“Eco-FriendlyCampaign” to celebrate the 52nd anniversary of Earth Day.
The New Change of Qcells to Real Eco-Friendly,
‘2022 Qcells Brand Day’
On April 5, 2022, Qcells held a declaration ceremony, ‘Qcells Brand Day’.
Shall we see the new side of Qcells?
Inside the Eco-friendly Life of Q CELLS Members through Data
Let’s take a look how Q CELLS people think about a green lifestyle, with infographics based on meaningful data from the survey!
Has the era of infinitely sustainable energy begun? Current status of space-based PV technology
The technology, which was featured in SF novels 80 years ago, is now being developed by numerous companies to increase accessibility to space solar power.
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QCPV - QUALITY CONTROLLED PV - TÜV seal for the most reliable Q CELLS solar modules