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ERCOT Standalone Energy Storage:
Q CELLS Acquires Its First Battery Energy Storage Project -
One of The Largest Under Development in Texas
Nov, 2021

Q CELLS USA Corp. announced the acquisition of a 190 MW standalone storage facility, Sputnik Energy Storage development project, from Belltown Power. The project, located in Hunt County, TX, will be one of the largest operating battery storage projects in Texas.

Irvine, CA, November 10th, 2021 – Q CELLS USA Corp. (Q CELLS) announced today that it has completed the acquisition of the Sputnik Energy Storage development project from Belltown Power Texas, LLC (Belltown).  The project is located in Hunt County, TX, and will connect to the Rayburn County Electric Cooperative, Inc. grid.

The Sputnik Energy Storage Project is a 190 MW / 380 MWh standalone storage facility, which is expected to operate on a fully merchant basis in the ERCOT market.

Vitaly Lee, Head of Development at Q CELLS USA Corp. celebrated the company’s accomplishment, “Not only is this quite an achievement for Q CELLS, being its first merchant standalone battery storage project, but also because this storage project will be one of the largest operating battery storage projects in Texas, when commissioned in 2022.” 

“This acquisition builds upon the tremendous momentum at Q CELLS,” said Mr. Jaekyu Lee, President of Q CELLS USA Corp. “We are proud of completing another transaction with Belltown Power, and are happy to be sharing in the accomplishments with such a valuable partner to Q CELLS.”

“We are excited to have completed this deal with Q CELLS, which marks our first transaction in the energy storage space” said Lloyd Pope, President of Belltown Power Texas. “Our teams worked seamlessly throughout the execution process, and we look forward to continued partnership between our companies.”

Most recently, as part of its turnkey solutions offering, Q CELLS completed the development, supplied modules, constructed, financed, commissioned, owned, and operated 332 MW of solar assets and it continues to work on over nine GW   of solar & energy storage development projects in the US.

When talking about the future of Q CELLS, Mr. Lee also stated, “We have positioned ourselves for exponential growth through a nation-wide greenfield campaign and acquisition of solar and energy storage projects in the US and look forward to partnering with developers who need Q CELLS one-stop turnkey solutions.”

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