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Vision of Q CELLS
Jan, 2020

What is a vision?

A vision signifies a company’s long-term objectives and desirable image for the future. Because a vision acts as a bridge that connects the future goals and realities through a long-term perspective, it takes on the role of guide for the company’s growth and development. 

Background story behind establishing the company’s vision

Q CELLS is a company that continues to grow internationally. 

Because numerous Q CELLS employees work all over the world, it has become increasingly important to speak out in unification under one vision, based on a unified thought process. If the organization’s vision differs from that of its members the general sense of direction pursued by the company may become unclear. 

Method of approaching vision establishment

Q CELLS has various strengths of differentiation, including manufacturing excellence based on the concept of a smart factory, a technology leadership that is based on aggressive R&D investments, and placing value on providing energy that can be used easily by anyone through a low LCOE. These strengths can be organized into two key phrases, which are: ‘Smart Energy’ and ‘Affordable Energy.’

The purpose of Q CELLS is to become a total energy solutions company that leads a reasonable and smart energy life by connecting environment-friendly energy, using the world’s number one technological excellence and smart processes. Q CELLS will continue to develop based on its current competitiveness and technological excellence, and its portfolio will be the motivating force for creating a sustainable planet. This vision of Q CELLS will be realized in the near future if all employees work hard towards the same vision and move together in the same direction.

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