April Q.HERO : Jing.Zhang
Apr, 2020

Marketer that captivates customers

China is the largest solar PV markets in the world, and Jing.Zhang of the Q CELLS’ China marketing team, is constantly striving to promote the excellence of Q CELLS’ products in the Chinese market, be constantly active in the arena of competition among global solar PV companies, and enhance the company’s corporate image.

Q. Would you please Introduce yourself?

A. I joined Q CELLS China in September 2010, right after I graduated from university. Firstly, I worked in the General Affairs Dept. of the QD factory and was responsible for media and PV association affairs. At the end of 2016, I joined the China Marketing Dept. and was mainly in charge of marketing along with PR work, including exhibition planning & industry forum sponsorship, media advertisement, corporate SNS (WeChat) platform operation; as well as press release & media relationship maintenance, etc.

Q. Could you please introduce what the Q CELLS brand means to you?

A. In early 2017, we launched the new brand image to the Chinese market. While worldwide, it has been one of the most evergreen brands in solar industry, with a history of more than 20 years.

Over the past few years, I have witnessed and participated in the global development of the Q CELLS brand and grown together with it, which is a significant experience for me.

Q. What is the most difficult thing do you faced and how do you conquer that?

A. There’re a lot of challenging works in Marketing that test your creativity and perseverance, such as planning a new band promotion campaign, or preparing a detailed abstract visual design, which requires a lot of ingenuity and communication, but it always gives you a sense of accomplishment once you achieve the goal.

It's hard to single out the most difficult thing. In retrospect, the challenges didn’t seem that tough, maybe it’s because I enjoyed doing this job (laughter). However, in the very beginning when I joined the MKT team,  the team was growing fast and so I needed to shoulder a lot of new tasks in the shortest time, so I faced a hard time at that moment. Fortunately, with the support of the AP marketing team (at that time) as well as the Global Marketing and Communication team, I quickly expanded my expertise, bravely expressed my ideas and gave it a try, and finally the pressure was turned into motivation and all the problems were solved.

Q. What is the most meaningful project to you?

A. One of the most meaningful projects to me wouldt be SNEC exhibition, having participated and prepared it for three years since 2017 to 2019. Through striving for a larger boothnegotiating for a better location and cooperating with different agencies, I tried to achieve better results year by year. At this high-profile international stage, our mission is to help our Q CELLS brand to fully showcase its advantages to the global visitors, and stand out among numerous strong brands. 

Q. What do you think is the most important ability to be competent in Marketing and PR?

A. I think the key important competency is the ability of interpersonal communication and fast learning. In terms of communication, if we can often think from the perspectives of teammates, customers, medias and partners, then we can understand them better and achieve higher work efficiency and better results. 

Also, the ability to learn quickly is crucial to adapting to the changing industry environment, no matter in terms of products, technology or marketing methods.

Q. Would you please talk about your team and partners? 

A. My work has always been dual reporting, both to the China Business Division and HQ Marketing.

In the China Business Division, I often consult with the sales team who obtain first-hand info from the market, which provides valuable data to me for marketing work. Lily Niu, my partner in China who has rich industry experience,is familiar with China’s solar policyand has insightful views into the solar industry. We often communicate actively and share market views. I benefit a lot from working with her.

In the past three years, the Global Marketing and Communication Team has also provided great support to me. This team is creative, full of enthusiasm and passion. I am always proud to be a member of such a strong and happy team.

Q. Would you please talk about your perspective of the solar market?

A. Over many years of working in the Company, I have witnessed the development of the solar industry from prosperity, to cooling, and then leveling off. 

At present, the trend of the solar industry is expanding the market with higher-cost efficiency through technological upgrades and even new leaps in advancement. In the future, the global low-carbon economic trend will promote the broader coverage of solar energy in the energy market. During this transition process, no matter in domestic or oversea markets, enterprises who have core competitiveness of excellent R&D, manufacturing capability, and strong brand influence can achieve further growth.

Our company is heading towards becoming a total renewable energy solution provider in the PV + ESS system, downstream and energy retail business. This forward-looking strategy can ensure the dual advantages in product and channels. I firmly believe that Q CELLS will reach a higher level in the renewable energy industry.

Just as described in our Company Vision, Q CELLS provides affordable and smart energy solutions through technology and innovation to create a sustainable future for the planet. What we are doing is positive and profound.

Q. May I know your ultimate goal in Q CELLS?

A. Q CELLS is currently one of the leading players in the global solar industry, and it will be in a more outstanding position in the future. I hope during this process, with my knowledge, experience and perspective, I can not only help with Q CELLS‘s progress in China’s market, but also contribute to its global growth.