Complete Renewable Energy Solution Provides
Rural Harmony to Australian Family
May, 2020


Located on eight hectares of land in rural Victoria, Australia, the Briertys found a total energy solution to their frequent blackouts and rising electricity costs.


Ross and Kath have been in their home for 10 years, and have no plans to move in the foreseeable future. Sustainably minded and environmentally aware, the family had been interested in looking for an alternative source of energy for years. 
Due to trees regularly falling across local power lines, the Briertys were getting used to rising incidences of electricity cuts to their home. Unable to utilize his household appliances, Ross Brierty knew he had to source additional power opportunities.
“The power goes out every 2-3 months – and that was the final push I needed to begin seriously researching our options for a new power solution,” Ross explained.
“I knew there had to be a better way, but I wasn’t sure if the technology was there yet with solar and batteries, or how complicated or costly it would be to implement.”


With quality, affordability and simplicity forefront of mind, Ross called Diamond Energy, the Briertys electricity retailer that specializes in innovative, renewable solutions, to discuss energy generation and storage options.

Diamond Energy proposed Ross and his family take advantage of their new innovative Home Shield® product which, as an official partner of Q CELLS, allowed for the Briertys to install a complete renewable energy voltage control package under one seamless program.

Ross explained: “We put a lot of trust in Diamond Energy because of how they’ve handled our electricity needs over the last five years. When they suggested Q CELLS’ newest all-in-one solar PV and energy storage system, and we did some further research, it seemed like they truly found us the best in the market.”


The Briertys selected a package that would deliver the ultimate renewable energy independence with Q CELLS high-quality products:

• Installation of premium quality, Q CELLS Q.PEAK DUO-G5 solar panels

• Australia’s first fully-wrapped hybrid inverter and battery system, Q.HOME+ESS HYB-G2, to store excess solar

generation - able to provide backup functionality (~12 hours)

• A scalable design allowing for up to 6 kW PV with up to 12 kWh of storage

• Voltage control and lightning protection from the Edge IQ controllers

• Onsite generation that can meet more than 50% of consumption

“It was great that all of our vital power-uses are able to be supported by the battery. Not only does it only take up about as much space as a wall heater, but we have plenty of room to expand our battery capacity when we want to,” said Ross.

Thanks to its durable IP65 rating, Q.HOME’s sturdy and aesthetically pleasing construction made it ready for installation indoors or outdoors. The inverter and battery units were installed in a detached shed on the property, with the solar panels installed on the roof.


• Home energy demand reduced by 78.94% thanks to Q CELLS PV panels paired with Q.HOME.

• Early indicators show that the Q.PEAK DUO-G5 is totaling PV production of 24.47 kWh

• 32.9% of total PV production was utilized by the property, either used by load or stored. The rest

(17.65 kWh) was exported to grid.

• The home only needs to import an average of 2.32 kWh from the grid per day.


Q CELLS' technical support team was on hand to help troubleshoot with the installer an issue with the switchboard in the early days of the installation -
highlighting Q CELLS’ agility in dealing with technical issues.

“This could very well be the future of solar – great technology, great results, all products under one warranty and one point of call to help,” said Ross. 

“Having everything all under one supplier is really important.”


Source  |  Q CELLS Australia 

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