PM Module(Product Management Solar Module) Team
Jul, 2020

It is an undisputed fact that technology is the core foundation of Q CELLS. 

The PM Module Team of Q CELLS Australia is a team of experts who support the best technology, delivering the highest-quality Q CELLS module products.

They test and troubleshoot modules before delivery, maintain modules after the sale and respond to clients’ technical inquiries to provide solutions faster than others. The PM Module Team is also responsible for preparing education materials on products and related technologies and provide training to internal and external personnel and partners.

The PM Module Team’s motto is to provide the best service and technical support whenever clients need it. It is not too much to say that Q CELLS products have maintained the highest reputation thanks to the team’s efforts. We are grateful to and cheer on all PM Module team members who strive to support Q CELLS’ transformation into a total energy solutions provider. 

Q. Please introduce the Product Management Solar Module Team of Q CELLS Australia. 

A. Q CELLS Australia’s Product Management (PM) Solar Module Team is the core of the organization’s technical expertise. The PM Module Team consists of engineers who handle product certification and local testing to ensure that products are ready for launch in Australia. They also interface with customers, handling warranty claims and customer inquiries on technical issues, as well as providing technical training to Q.PARTNERs.

Q. I understand that your team is closely related to technology.

Please introduce each team member and their roles in detail.

Nick van Weeren  |  I joined Q CELLS in March 2016 after working for a PV system EPC company. As the team has grown over the past years, an increasing number of engineers have been assigned to lead the PV Module side of the PM team. I am responsible for certifications, local module testing and technical support.

Reyifate Rexiati  |  I have been working at Q CELLS since September 2018. Before that, I worked for a Module & BESS manufacturer and a PV and BESS system installation company. I am responsible for supporting proposals on residential and commercial projects, technical product training and warranty support.

David Kwon  |  I joined the team in September 2019, so have worked at Q CELLS for only about 10 months. My main responsibility on the PV module team is to handle warranty claims filed by customers. Before joining Q CELLS, I worked at a start-up company that develops software for smart residential battery controllers and VPP platforms. I want to be part of Q CELLS' journey to becoming a total energy solutions provider in Australia and learn through challenges involved in developing new business modes to cope with the quickly changing energy industry.

Q. The PM module team is divided into PV Module and Q.HOME divisions. 

Please tell us about the characteristics and specific duties of the PV Module division.

A. The PV module division performs diverse roles. First of all, we help ensure that all technical aspects of proposals are well prepared when a technical/product manager or sales team develops a project proposal. Producing training materials on Q CELLS’ technology and products and educating internal and external personnel in charge with them is another important task. We also conducts analyses of customers’ electricity bill and usage hours to decide proper scale and design options. Conducting system feasibility studies and estimating the energy production volume and financial performance is also our duty. We also support distributors, retailers and installation companies, and respond to technical and warranty-related queries from clients, managing monthly warranty reports and preparing a CEC list.

Q. Please introduce the main tasks and characteristics of the Q.HOME division.

A. The Q.HOME Division supports customers and partners who are interested in Q.HOME solutions. We provide on-site support and technical training on product installation. In addition, as a part of the procedure to develop new products suited to the market characteristics in Australia, we continue to collaborate closely with the System Development Team to identify and discuss areas of product improvement. We are also responsible for market research and analysis, quality control, product repair and replacement, warehouse maintenance, troubleshooting technical problems in systems, and warranty-related support. Like the PV Module division, we also produce training materials for internal and external personnel, and attend meetings with the sales team at the request of customers. Lastly, we are preparing a CEC list.

Q. I think your love of our products may be extraordinary as you play a key role in the development of Q CELLS’ solar PV module technology. What do you think is the biggest strength of Q CELLS’ products and services?

Nick van Weeren  |  Q CELLS has a very long list of strengths. On top of providing very reliable products, our strong focus on R&D and local support is one of the most important strengths. In addition, Q CELLS Australia is becoming a total solutions provider in the residential market by combining Q CELLS PV modules with Q.HOME inverter and battery storage products.

Reyifate Rexiati  |  With strong R&D teams, an Energy Solution provider evolved from a module manufacturer and strong local support.

David Kwon  |  Highly experienced and qualified R&D team members from all over the world. High bankability and strong local support teams.

Q. Your job is directly linked with Q CELLS’ module quality, so you must feel highly rewarded. 

Tell us about the most memorable chapter or achievement of your career at Q CELLS.

Nick van Weeren  |  Over the years, I have had many memorable experiences. One of the most significant events was taking on one of our key accounts for factory audits at both Cyberjaya, Malaysia and Eumseong, Korea plants.

Reyifate Rexiati  |  One of the most memorable experiences for me was attending different training sessions and helping customers better understand our reliable product. 

David Kwon  |  Participating in the All-Energy Australia 2019 Exhibition and Conference, the largest solar energy exhibition in Australia, to support my colleagues and meet different people from the same industry was definitely the most memorable moment.

Q. Conversely, you may have had difficulties handling multiple tasks, too. 

Tell us about the greatest difficulties in your work and how you overcome them.

David Kwon  |  The biggest challenge in my role is handling a large number of individual claims in a timely and professional manner, so that caseㄴ can be resolved without any conflicts. I've learnt to communicate flexibly with companies and having an open mind as a mediator, while maintaining accuracy in technical information to help overcome these challenges.

Q. The PM module team may require more technical expertise than any other team. What are the capabilities, skills or capacity you must have to work successfully in the solar PV module sector?

A. Attention to detail. Being familiar with the latest industry regulations and standards. Problem solving skills and critical thinking.

Q. Being engaged in many fields, your team must be active in exchanges with other teams and people. 

What is, if any, the PM module team’s own communication methodology?

A. Providing internal training to other teams.

Q. What is the pride of the PM module team; what is “your team best at”?

A. Q CELLS Australia has a strong focus on customer support. The PM module team of Q CELLS Australia takes particular pride in being competent and responsive in providing necessary technical support tailored to each and every Q.PARTNERS.

Q. Describe the PM/MKT’s leader, Myungsin Sim in three words.

Nick van Weeren  |  Hard-working, Commitment, Professional
Reyiafte Rexiati  |  Organised, Patient, Knowledgeable
David Kwon  |  Organised, Efficient, Decisive

Q. Lastly, please let us know the PM module team’s motto and goals for the future.

A. The motto of our team is to provide the best service and technical support to our customers in a timely manner. 
Our main goal is to achieve higher productivity through strong communication and engagement within the team.