Q.HERO in July: Park-shin Kang
Jul, 2020

Salesmen, strikers in the game of business

Sales plays a pivotal role in the world of business, as a company’s success largely depends on sales activities. Park-shin Kang, Corporate Sales Manager, PV System, Q CELLS Japan, is a seasoned salesman. His business know-how touches the heart of his clients based on his own strategies! With the knowledge that sales is not just the act of selling products but touching the heart of clients, which is only possible when strong trust between seller and buyer is established, he remains at the top with his attitude of caring for clients. 

Q. Hello. Please give a brief introduction of yourself

A. I joined Q CELLS in July 2008 and started my career on the Corporate Sales Team, PV System, Q CELLS Japan. When I first joined Q CELLS, I was mainly responsible for trade business and, in August of 2010, I began handling photovoltaic module sales in Japan with the launch of the PV Development Business at the head office. As a founding member of the PV business in Japan, I took part in roles related to domestic certification and was also responsible for organizing exhibitions and selecting distribution companies. In 2011, when the Great East Japan earthquake hit, I led a project that donated PV systems to kindergartens and gained a variety of work experiences. In 2018, I worked at the head office in Seoul for about a year.


Q. What kinds of tasks are you conducting for the Corporate Sales Team? And, what kind of businesses are you responsible for?

A. The Corporate Sales Team performs duties of utility, industrial module sales targeting mega solar businesses (Mega Solar: a solar PV power station generating over 1MW) or EPC, construction companies. I am responsible for organizational management and operational duties while also taking part in diverse activities, including introducing the company to third parties. 

Q. Which products does Q CELLS focus on the most in terms of sales?

A. In the PV module market today, half-cell products are the most popular because there are many consumers who prefer products with higher efficiency and output. That is why we are concentrating on the ‘Q.PEAK DUO-G6’ product, which is produced with quantum and half-cell technology. We are planning to also boost sales of Q.ANTUM DUO Z-based products that have been implemented with Zero-gap technology.

Q. There are certainly times when you feel that working in the field of sales is valuable as it is directly related to the company’s performance. Do you have any memorable moments?

A. I have achieved a lot at Q CELLS, but the time when I first started working here is the most memorable. At the early stage of entering the Japanese market, we received two orders when Q CELLS was not so well-known in the market. Both were likely to be won by Japanese companies right up until the last minute. When we asked the client about the reason for choosing us, they said that they developed a strong feeling of faith in Q CELLS and me through my presentation. I even recall what the streets I took to my company looked like because it was such a happy moment for me.

Q. You must have faced difficulties while working with clients. What was the greatest difficulty and how did you overcome it?

A. I try my best to meet the diverse demands of clients, but there are times when I cannot fully satisfy every one of them because that it is difficult to meet some deadlines or price. When that happens, I meet them to explain the situation and ask for their understanding.

Q. Communication skills are important in sales. What do you think is the most important aspect when communicating with clients or co-workers?

A. I believe that communicating while trying to understand other’s feelings is the most important, as communication is becoming increasingly important these days. If a problem occurs, it is important not to blame or dislike others. 

Q. Please share your business know-how for those who wish to work on the Corporate Sales Team. 

A. It is a good idea to take the chance and give a short introduction of our company when you meet your client for the first time. There could be something in a presentation that can make a good impression and you should have a unique strategy of your own. For example, I emphasize our company’s name when sending emails by creatively changing the subject or title section and, of course, check for spelling mistakes and the details to make sure it is not too complicated. 


Q. What satisfies you the most while working at Q CELLS?

A. I am a Korean Japanese. I love the fact that I can work under my national identity as a Korean at Q CELLS. Also, I love that the company assigns me important tasks in the belief that I am able to perform them well. 

Q. Is there any co-worker who you would like to thank? If so, please take this moment to express your words of gratitude.

A. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Mr. Jong-seo Kim, head of Q CELLS Japan, and to Mr. Jae-hong Park, the former head of Q CELLS Japan. When the PV System Division was first established, the current head of Q CELLS Japan, Mr. Jong-seo Kim, thought highly of me and said, “I really want to make this business successful in the Japanese market. To do so, I need Mr. Park-shin Kang’s fresh energy. We will provide active support so please pitch in”. Mr. Jae-hong Park, who was the head of Q CELLS Japan at that time, called me the day after I joined the company and encouraged me, saying, “You should quickly understand your duties and enjoy company life. You will soon spend more time with your co-workers than you do with your family or friends. Leading an enjoyable company life will make your days happier and your life more fulfilling”. Their words brought me where I am today. I would also like to mention those with whom I worked on the Sales Planning Team at the head office in Seoul. I remember a colleague who said to me, “Go to a bookstore if something worries you . No book will give you an answer, but you can find a hint.” And that is stamped in my mind even to this day. Lastly, I would like to thank our members of the Corporate Sales Team and all my coworkers and employees, who always respect my opinion and follow my lead with support and faith. 

Q. Please tell us about the motto of your life.

A. At work, I follow the mottos, ‘Be sincere in (company) and out (clients)’ and ‘One who carries out  ordinary things without hesitation is the strongest’. My daily motto is, ‘Be honest if you want a happy life’, and I always keep that in mind. 

Q. Finally, what is the goal that you would like to achieve at Q CELLS? 

A. I am responsible for sales and, so, my goal is to achieve my sales target. I have experienced difficulties, but the goal remains the same. I promise to not give up and continue to work harder than anyone else!