September Q.HERO :
Yongmin Kim
Sep, 2020

Senior Engineer Yongmin Kim
Gas Master Craftsman of Q CELLS’ Korean Factory Utility Team 

An award ceremony was held on August 24 at Q CELLS’ Korean factory to celebrate the Utility Team senior engineer Yongmin Kim’s qualification as gas master craftsman. The gas master craftsman is national qualification that certifies one’s capability of performing duties to prevent serious accidents including explosions and fires, based on one’s expertise in the gas field. It is of particular significance in that the gas master craftsman qualification is one of a kind among national skill qualifications in the safety management area. The September Q.HERO interviewed senior engineer Yongmin Kim on his successful acquisition of the gas master craftsman qualification.  

Q. Please introduce yourself.

A. Hello, I am engineer Yongmin Kim. I joined Q CELLS in 2015 and now work in the Korean factory Utility Team. I am mainly responsible for site facility maintenance-related work. 

Q. What kind of work does the utility team do specifically? Please give us a brief introduction of your team.

A. The utility team carries out continuous maintenance of overall electric, water supply and chemical facilities and machines in the factory, to ensure they remain perfectly operational. We always do our best with the belief that factory facilities play a key role, just like the human heart.

Q. Congratulations once again on becoming a Gas Master Craftsman. What motivated you to challenge yourself for the qualification?

A. I felt my knowledge of gas management was insufficient when operating the site facilities. I thought that gaining more expertise in this area would be helpful for performing my duties, so I took up the challenge of earning the gas master craftsman qualification. Progress was not easy as the area was unfamiliar to me, but thanks to Q CELLS’ prize awarding system for qualified licensees, I could focus on my studies all the way to the end. 

Q. In what ways does the qualification help you when performing your duties?

A. In order to carry out management of the passive equipment, electric supply and instrumentation equipment that I am in charge of, I need a comprehensive view of electricity, machinery and gas. I felt in myself that I lacked expertise in the gas management related area before gaining this qualification. Thus, I felt sorry that I had no other choice but to have a limited perspective of the facilities I am responsible for. This qualification has enabled me to manage these facilities with a broader perspective than before. 

Q. It seems that it was not easy to gain this qualification. What were the difficulties you faced during your preparation?

A. Because my field is electricity, when I began to study for the qualification, I faced many unfamiliar topics. Fortunately, advice from a team member with related experience was of great help in my preparing for the qualification. 

Q. Thanks to you, many people will be interested in the gas master craftsman qualification. Please give some advice to those who are planning to pursue it.

A. More than anything else, I think steady, methodical study is most important. It also requires comprehensive understanding of related fields in addition to gas-related knowledge. For me, additional study of industrial engineering-related topics was beneficial. 

Q. You mentioned Q CELLS’ “prize awarding system for qualified licensees”. Please tell us some specific details about what kind of support and benefits it provides.

A. The prize awarding system for qualified licensees is a system in force to develop Korean factory employees’ capabilities. It is subdivided into “the prize awarding system for advanced multiple qualifications” and “the Grand Meister Prize Awarding System”. First, “the prize awarding system for advanced multiple qualifications” is for those who have acquired state-authorized advanced level qualifications related to their responsibilities or those who have acquired intermediate or above level qualifications in five areas. A gold badge and prize money are awarded to those who have acquired the above qualifications. “The Grand Meister Prize Awarding System” provides a gold medal and overseas trip gift card for those who have acquired three or more among advanced level qualifications (related to gas, hazardous materials and associated responsibilities). Some sculptures are set up to commemorate these employees’ qualifications within the company. 

Q. I am curious about your life at work. What are you most satisfied with at work?

A. Above all, I am satisfied that I can gain a variety of practical experience. Coming in contact with many factory facilities, I have been able to grow, naturally learning about facility-related technical knowledge and know-how required for practical affairs. 

Q. Are there any Q CELLS colleagues that you want to thank? If any, you have a chance to express your appreciation here.

A. I am thankful to all the colleagues I am working with. Among them, I would especially like to thank engineer Seo Yunseok in my team. I am very thankful to him for helping me to make up for my shortcomings. I rely on him a lot. 

Q. Please tell us about your motto, if any, as a guide for your life that gives you strength.

A. My motto is “Tears shed without efforts are like running sweat.” I often got tired while preparing for the gas master craftsman qualification. I tried to move on, reminding myself of the motto each time and I was very happy that I was able to achieve my goal. I want to become an employee who continues to grow through constant effort.

Q. Lastly, please tell us how you feel about getting your qualification and your future plan.

A. Even though the qualification process was harder than expected, I am very happy that I could pass it on my first try as a result of earnest preparation. Starting with this, I am going to make a bid for another such qualification in hazardous materials. 

My goal is to become an employee that can handle my facilities more professionally and meticulously, based on what I learned from preparation for the gas master craftsman qualification.

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