The Round Roof of the West Tübingen Community School Makes
the Energy Turnaround a Reality With Solar Systems From Q CELLS
Nov, 2020

The Tübingen public utilities company commissioned the Sonnenbühl-based Energiebude to install a technically sophisticated photovoltaic system. Now 216 of the highly efficient Q CELLS brand solar modules developed in Saxony-Anhalt guarantee a large and reliable yield of solar power for schools and the city.

The pupils of the West Tübingen Community School no longer learn how to sustainably protect the environment and contribute to the energy revolution in Germany from textbooks alone. 

A new photovoltaic system on the roof of their school's impressive round building will provide clean electricity from the power of the sun in future. For this purpose, Q CELLS, a globally successful full-range supplier of clean energy solutions in the fields of solar systems, solar power plants and energy storage, supplied 216 powerful Q.PEAK DUO-G8 modules with an output of 355 Wp. The system's installed capacity of almost 77 kWp is sufficient to produce around 72,000 kWh per year. 

“This is more electricity than is consumed by the school operation in this building over the entire year,” explains Julian Klett from the Tübingen public utility company. “The fact that school operations take place during the day, when the sun is shining, means that solar energy can optimally cover the school's electricity consumption. Even the solar power not required by the school is used for the green energy mix in Tübingen”.

The Tübingen public utility company commissioned the Energiebude company from Sonnenbühl with the planning and implementation of this technically demanding project. In the engineering office for renewable energies, Bernd Gerber led the implementation: “Due to the special nature of the round building and the requirement to install rectangle modules on top of it, creative planning was required to make optimum use of the roof area. Together with all the partners involved, however, we succeeded in getting the rectangle modules into the round. We are pleased that the West Tübingen Community School is now setting a good example for the environment and its pupils and is making an active contribution to climate protection.”

The Energiebude is a strategic Q.PARTNER operation of Q CELLS and thus one of over 1,880 reliable solar installers and distributors in a growing EU-wide network with which Q CELLS is successfully cooperating. 

Mark Rudolff, Key Account Manager of Q CELLS: “Solar energy models can also be attractive for schools. We have found an innovative and individual energy solution for the community school, which provides it with an ecologically sustainable supply of the energy it needs for its daily needs at all times. The small electricity users of today are the big electricity users of tomorrow. In this way, green, environmentally friendly electricity is already part of their everyday life.”
In order to make the solar system perceptible within the school, the university town of Tübingen had a display installed directly in the school's entrance area to visualise the solar system.