Q CELLS Incorporates Its Vision into Eco-friendly Office Supplies
Dec, 2020

Q CELLS has renewed its office supplies for internal and external use with eco-friendly materials. This renewal is based on Q CELLS’ vision: Q CELLS provides affordable and smart energy solutions through technology and innovation to create a sustainable future for the planet. It incorporates Q CELLS’ goal to create a sustainable future based on green energy into the company’s office supplies. The intention is to remind the internal stakeholders of the vision and raise awareness of Q CELLS’ businesses. 

In the first step, business cards and paper planners for employees were renewed with sustainable, eco-friendly materials. These were chosen as the first project because they are the most essential items that represent the identity of each employee, and form the brand image of the company. For the business cards and planners, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)-certified recycled paper and eco-friendly soybean oil ink were used. Unlike the paper of existing business cards and planners, Q CELLS intends to incorporate sustainability into its office stationery by employing colors and textures that clearly show that eco-friendly materials are used. 

For the planner pages, Q CELLS’ brand colors - Q CELLS Cyan and Q CELLS Sand - were applied in the design. The core value of Hanwha Group and Q CELLS’ vision, as well as an infographic describing the core business areas, were also prominently displayed. The symbol of eco-friendly product/soybean oil print designed for the cover incorporated Q CELLS’ identity. Originally, there was an idea to include elastic bands for increased convenience, but it was excluded because producing the bands with eco-friendly materials was not possible. The planners announce Q CELLS’ goal internally and externally while emphasizing the meaning of ‘eco-friendly’ rather than just producing standard office supplies. It is significant that the renewed planners are the only eco-friendly planners issued internally within the Group, and utilizing green materials reduced the unit production cost by over KRW 1,000 compared to the previous production cost.

Q CELLS aims to enhance the brand interface with internal and external customers and inspire loyalty through the high-quality, eco-friendly office supplies reflecting its brand philosophy. We support the first small step of Q CELLS towards the environment as a sustainable energy solution leader.

▲ Symbols of Eco-friendly/Re-used Material and Soybean Oil designed for Business Cards and Planners.
Newly developed based on Q CELLS’ own brand identity.

▲ Infographics of Q CELLS’ Vision and the Core Values of Hanwha Group & Business Areas of Q CELLS
are printed on the back cover and on each page, respectively.

▲ The Memo/Note section has been increased for improved usability based on staff feedback on the previous version.