Q CELLS America Sales Operations team
Feb, 2020

Q CELLS America Sales Operations team

It is a well-known fact that the health of Q CELLS America as a company depends heavily on the success of a results-driven Sales team. With that said, vigorous module sales require critical backend work to ensure details on Purchase Orders, legal language, available product inventory, and timely requests for delivery are in alignment. 
That’s where Sales Operations comes in, a critical component and the administrative backbone of the sales process. The Q CELLS America Sales Operations team blends grit with an infectious vivaciousness that are the secret ingredients to their success.

I am pleased to introduce the Q CELLS America Sales Operations team! The team is led by Angie Lee (Manager Sales Operations) and supported by Kristine Brikmane (Senior Sales Operations Associate), Jason Oh(Senior Sales Operations Associate), John Keith Aicher(Senior Sales Operations Associate), Katherine Rawson(Sales Operations Associate), Julia Wang(Sales Operations Associate), and Yoori Kim(Sales Operations Associate). 

Q. Explain your team's main tasks

Angie Lee | Our Sales Operations team contributes to achieving sales targets by supporting Strategic Sales and Sales Managers and maintaining good customer relationships. Our task is to support sales from PO processing to data entry for sales record and reporting. We also work closely with other departments to ensure sales and deliveries are handled efficiently.

Q. Personal Introduction (History at Q CELLS, background, individual task with Sales Operations)

Angie LeeWhen I first joined the company to work in the Sales Operations team, I had many other duties as well. I’ve taken on some roles in Logistics and even had some tasks in Accounting. Due to these past involvements, I can appreciate other departments, which helps me to lead my team to reduce friction in the sales process.

John Keith Aicher  I graduated from the University of Arizona in 2015. After working for a few years in other positions, I started at Q CELLS in August 2018 as a Sr. Sales Operations Associate. At Q CELLS, I work with a large number of strategic accounts representing territories across the United States (West Coast, East Coast, Midwest, and Southwest). 

Kristine Brikmane  |  I've been with Q CELLS for almost 2 years now. I handle large utility projects and residential installers/distributors.

Jason Oh | I graduated from UC Riverside with a BA in Business Administration and started working at Q CELLS June 2018. My main tasks involve supporting two of Q CELLS' largest customers and making sure that their orders are handled smoothly.

Julia Wang | I have worked for more than a year in the Sales Ops team and in the short time since I joined, I have had opportunities to take on large utility projects.

Katherine Rawson | I started working with Q CELLS in February of 2019 and have 4 years of overall Operations experience. Within the team I help with consignment accounts and smaller distributors. 

Yoori Kim | I was born and raised in Korea and moved to the States in middle school. I have lived in Texas, Northern California, and just moved out from Las Vegas where I had been helping out with my parents' business. I joined Q CELLS about two weeks ago and am the newest addition to the team. I am still learning different tasks handled by the team, and am really excited to start a new journey at Q CELLS with such an amazing team!

Q. Explain your team's main tasks

Angie LeeCollaborative, Challenging, Active

John Keith AicherExciting, Collaborative, Challenging 

Kristine Brikmane | dynamic, efficient, rewarding

Jason Oh | exciting, fun, lively

Julia Wang | exciting, fast paced, adaptive

Katherine Rawson | Challenging, Friendly, Collegial

Yoori Kimunited, dedicated, enjoyable

Q.  Most memorable work moment or most difficult challenge(How did you overcome or resolve it?)

John Keith AicherWorking closely with Sales Ops Team, Logistics Team, and Strategic Sales Team to meet goals every month.  Overcoming the different challenges that arise every month together wouldnt be the same without the team we have.  The fast pace environment with last-minute updates and mayhem always keeps everyone on their toes and leads to some good laughs due to our team chemistry.

Kristine Brikmane | My most memorable moment working at Q CELLS was when we met our yearly revenue goal in 2019. Many teams and departments came togegther to achieve this, and I'm especially proud of the collaborative effort to make this happen.

Jason Oh | My most memorable work moment was when we had our first team outing at a bowling alley and went to karaoke afterwards. It was my first event after being hired and it was a great way to get to know and meet everyone in the office.

Q.  Can you describe your team leader in (3) words? 

Jason Oh | attentive, considerate, fearless

Kristine Brikmanedetermined, fair, proactive

Q.  Tell us a fun fact about yourself that might surprise us!  

Yoori KimI was on the show <Super Star K> at one point.

Julia Wang | I played flute in Cascade Youth Symphony Orchestra. 

Q.  What is the most rewarding part of your job?

John Keith Aicher | Contributing to large solar projects and making an impact on the world with more renewable energy.

Julia Wang | I wanted to participate in the energy industry for a long time and I am able to work in fast-paced renewable energy getting to know multiple utilities and residential customers across the region. Moreover, I am able to acquire in-dept knowledge on current market trends.

Q. What is a fun recent activity or event that you recently participated in with the Sales Operations team?

Katherine Rawson | Recently we had a birthday lunch for Kristine at one of her favorite local restaurants. I really enjoy celebrating small milestones within the team. 

Yoori Kim | I had my first team dinner last week, which was my first week. I was somewhat nervous and shy as I started working, but I definitely felt more like a part of the team afterwards. It was nice to get to know the team members on a more personal level, and I look forward to more fun activities and events with the team.

Q. What advice would you give to recent new hires? 

Kristine Brikmane | My advice I'd give is to enjoy your time at Q CELLS! It may be challenging at times, but it is always rewarding in the end. 

Q. Describe the Sales Operations team dynamic / atmosphere 

Katherine Rawson  It's like a family. We can rely on each other for help and can make stressful times more lighthearted. 

Jason Oh |  I would say our Sales Ops team atmosphere is energetic. We are constantly in communication with not only each other, but with other departments within the company as well. There is never a dull day when working in Sales Ops. 

Angie Lee  |  Our team trusts one another and we work together to make things happen. We truly have a positive atmosphere which help us achieve our everyday task and goals.

Q. What are Sales Operations team's goals and aspirations for 2020? 

Angie Lee  |  Our team goal is to be transparent, and each team member has their own responsibilities.  With these responsibilities I would like each member to be better motivated to work inseparably to meet our Sales Target of 3GW for 2020.