Interview with Yongmin Kim,
Senior Engineer and the First Grand Meister
in Q CELLS’ Korean Factory
Jul, 2021

An award ceremony was held on June 15th at Q CELLS’ Korean factory to celebrate Yongmin Kim’s achievement of Grand Meister designation. Yongmin Kim (Senior Engineer, Utility Team) became the first Grand Meister in the Korean factory with the successful acquisition of the master craftsman hazardous material certification, a goal and ambition that he shared with us less than a year ago during last September’s interview for his gas master craftsman certification. So we sat down again for another Q.STORY interview. 

Yongmin Kim, Senior Engineer, shared details of achieving the Grand Meister title thanks to his endless passion and effort. 

 Q. Please introduce yourself. 

Hello, I am Yongmin Kim, and I work as a senior engineer on the Utility Team at the Korean factory. I joined Q CELLS in 2015 and am mainly in charge of site facility maintenance-related work, including electricity and instruments.

 Q. Congratulations on becoming the first Grand Meister in Q CELLS’ Korean factory. Please tell us how you feel about your achievement. 

I set myself the goal of becoming a Grand Meister in two years from the time when Q CELLS’ prize-awarding system for qualified licensees was revised in 2019. I established a two-year plan and felt a sense of accomplishment as I completed each step. I am very pleased to be the first grand Meister in Q CELLS’ Korean factory and now feel greater responsibility.

 Q. The acquisition of hazardous material master craftsman certification completes your goal to be a Grand Meister. What motivated you to obtain the qualification for hazardous materials? 

I sensed my lack of understanding of hazardous materials while operating facilities at the site. I thought that improving my expertise in hazardous materials beyond electricity would help me when fulfilling my duties. These are the reasons I began studying for the master craftsman qualification, and I have worked hard to maintain site facilities with my specialties. It was difficult to continue my studies because it was not my area of expertise, but I worked hard to fulfill my duties and study at the same time.

 Q. How does the qualification help you when performing your duties? 

On site, there are various equipment and instruments related to gas and hazardous materials. I felt that maintaining passive equipment, electric supply and instrumentation equipment requires special knowledge of handling hazardous materials beyond basic knowledge. With this qualification,  I can safely manage hazardous materials and facilities from a comprehensive perspective. 

 Q. Please briefly introduce your electricity and gas master craftsman qualification, and how your new qualification combined with the two existing qualifications will help you when performing your duties. 

The highest level of skill in the electric field helps me to safely manage electric installation, passive equipment, and electric supply, while expertise in gas management helps me to fulfill my duties to prevent critical accidents, such as explosion and fire. On site, many different gas and hazardous materials are used and electricity is required to operate all facilities. The difference that the qualifications made for me that I previously simply took measures to fix problems detected in the facilities. Now, that I know the characteristics of gas and hazardous materials I can manage them from a different perspective to reduce shut down losses.

 Q. Please introduce the specific details of the Grand Meister Awarding System, including the benefits and support it provides. 

The ‘Grand Meister Prize Awarding System’ was initiated to encourage Korean factory employees to develop their capabilities. It offers a gold medal, an appreciation plaque and a voucher for overseas travel, along with the title of Grand Meister to those who acquire three or more advanced level qualifications (related to gas, hazardous materials and associated responsibilities). 

Considering the unstable conditions at home and abroad due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Welfare Points worth KRW 3.2 million were provided instead of the travel voucher. The awards ceremony also gave me the feeling that my hard work and value have been appreciated. 

 Q. It seems that you have put ceaseless efforts into building your capacity amid a busy work schedule. What motivated you to challenge yourself? 

It was the support from my family and Utility Team members. I was always sorry about not spending much time with my family when preparing for the qualification. So, I wanted to repay their support and belief in me by successfully acquiring the master craftsman designations. Support and encouragement of my Utility teammates also helped me to get through tiring and hard times.

 Q. Your earning of the title of Grand Meister must have inspired many of your co-workers. Would you share a word for those following in your footsteps? 

It is absolutely not easy to fulfill your duties while pursuing personal development. As it is a hard road, the sense of accomplishment that you will feel would double when achieving success. Building expertise not only in one but several fields while acquiring various qualifications gave me greater confidence in performing my job. It is beneficial to the individual as well as the company to improve one’s capabilities, that others challenge themselves.  

 Q. It is very inspiring that you constantly challenge yourself. Is there any other field other than work in which you want to challenge or are already challenging yourself to improve your quality of life and the happiness of you and your family? 

My favorite activities are fishing and traveling. For two years when studying for the electric, gas and hazardous material qualifications sequentially, I did not have time to enjoy them. Now, I have time to spare for fishing. I hope that my family and I can go on a trip soon when the Covid-19 pandemic ends. 

I think that safety is a field that will have more significance in the future, so I am preparing for a firefighting-related certificate (Fire Facility Manager).

 Q. It seems that achieving Grand Meister designation is the ultimate goal of your marathon. What is your future plan and resolution? 

I achieved Grand Meister designation as I have done my best to be a talent that Q CELLS needs. I will use the present success as a stepping stone and try to become a man with abilities who pursues new things with various experiences and expertise in electric, gas and hazardous materials.

As I have obtained an advanced level of qualifications with difficulty, my goal is to prevent issues at our site while safely operating the utility facilities, and to be an employee who supports teammates with my own extensive expertise. 

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