Commemorating Launch of Solar PV Information Archive,
Solar University Online
Oct, 2021

Q CELLS launched the ‘Solar University Online,’ a website specialized in solar power, on August 9th. Solar University Online delivers all solar power-related information and promotional content produced by Q CELLS and related-Hanwha subsidiaries. We interviewed Won Park, Leader of the Korea Communication Team at Q CELLS who was in charge of the Solar University Online launch, to share the details behind the launch.

Q. Congratulations on building Solar University Online! Was there any specific reason for Q CELLS to construct the website?

The solar PV business in Korea is at a relatively early stage compared to those in Europe and the U.S. Korean customers have had difficulties understanding the solar industry because there was no platform specialized in solar energy to provide in-depth information. This is why we decided to build Solar University Online to deliver correct information on solar power as well as general knowledge and information on why we need to move toward a solar energy-powered society.  

Q CELLS launched the site because, as the leader of the Korean solar PV industry, the company is also able to produce and deliver quality content that contains correct information and knowledge regarding solar energy on its branded site, and implant positive perceptions or correct misunderstandings in the general public’s mind for those who are not familiar with solar power. 

Q. ‘Solar University Online’ is a unique name. 

The name ‘Solar University’ is a combination of ‘solar,’ with which the public can understand photovoltaic and solar heat more easily, and ‘university,’ which deals with varied content. In fact, ‘solar’ refers to both radiant light and heat, therefore ‘solar energy’ may not be the best term to use for sunlight energy. PV (photovoltaic) is the correct term for energy converted from sunlight. However, the more intuitive ‘solar’ was adopted since PV is an unfamiliar word to the general public. 

‘University’ is used to communicate broader and varied concepts and as a follow-on to “PV University,” which is a client education program conducted by Q CELLS Korea.

Q. There must have been difficulties since ‘Solar University Online’ is the first website specialized in solar PV in Korea. What was the most important asset in planning the site?

There hasn’t been much news covering solar PV content in Korea. Since we were the first to deliver related overseas news to the Korean people, we needed to create new content without using professional terminology and materials to help ordinary people’s understanding. Creating new and familiar content with in-depth knowledge was the most difficult task. Q CELLS staff participated in the production process to adjust the level of information with a friendlier voice instead of it being like a professional lecture.

Q. What kind of content is available on Solar University Online? 

Currently, Solar University Online consists of four categories – World Now, Solar PV Products/Technology, Funny Solar Story, and Knowing Solar PV. Contents covered in each category are as follows: solar-related global trends and industry news in World Now; PV product manufacturing process and technology and next-generation research in Solar PV Products/Technology; surprising or unknown Q CELLS stories about solar in Funny Solar Story; and correct information and knowledge on solar in Knowing Solar PV. 

Q. Solar University Online can be viewed as a solar online platform for the general public. Is there any plan to conduct offline classes or exhibitions?
In fact, schools and related organizations are already using Q CELLS’ content as educational material. Many universities have asked to use the materials for campus career fairs. The contents are not only distributed internally for Q CELLS employees’ better understanding of the company but also externally for online classes targeting clients. 

<Solar Industry Trends and Information on Solar University Online At a Glance >

Q. Is there a specific target group that Solar University Online keeps in mind?
The target group is those who have a vague understanding or do not know much about photovoltaics. The numbers of people who hold positive and negative views are very limited. Most of the general public has a neutral perspective because they are not familiar with PV. Through Solar University Online, they can learn the advantages of PV and improve their awareness. That was our goal in constructing Solar University Online. 

Q. Q.STORY and Solar University Online seem to be alike but also different. Could you describe the differences between the two platforms?
Q.STORY is an internal platform for in-house communication, publishing content and holding events for employees. Whereas Solar University Online mainly deals with Q CELLS businesses for external communication and is an archive of PV-related open source material that is available to everyone.

Q. What is the future plan for Solar University Online?
Accumulating quality content in each category is the first priority, because we are in the initial phase of launch. We will diversify topics addressed on the site by listening to various subscribers, including organizations and institutions using materials available on or visiting Solar University Online. Although the contents that are available on the site now are focused on introductions or explanations, we hope to eventually create participatory contents that people can actually join. 

The ultimate goal is to make Solar University Online a platform full of content that fits the slogan “All that PV” and comes first to mind in terms of renewable energy & solar PV by operating it strategically.

Q CELLS will produce various content for the public to learn about solar PV energy and renewable energy trends via Solar University Online. Now, it only focuses on solar PV content but plans to cover different subjects, ranging from PV-related electric equipment, including inverter, ESS and others, to distributed power generation market trends. Q CELLS will continue efforts to make Solar University Online a representative website specialized in solar PV in Korea. 

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