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Oct, 2021

The “2021 Korea Energy Show,” the largest of its kind in Korea, kicked off at Ilsan KINTEX on October 13. The exhibition, hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and organized by the Korea Energy Agency, celebrated its 40th anniversary this year. Since 2012, Q CELLS has continuously demonstrated a variety of green energy technologies and products at the show. Then, what attracted visitors during this year’s Korea Energy Show?

1. Overview of 2021 Korea Energy Show

Full of interesting attractions, the 2021 Korea Energy Show opened with great fanfare. Let’s take a tour of the exhibition, considered its largest-ever scale.

<2021 Korea Energy Show held jointly with 2021 Net-Zero EXPO>

This year’s Korea Energy Show was held jointly with the inaugural Net-Zero EXPO, which was significant in presenting not only the government’s key energy policies, such as carbon neutrality and RE100, but also future directions for the energy industry. 

In addition, the show boasted the largest-ever scale with 1,400 booths installed by around 300 companies. Befitting its scale, it featured diverse experience events and artifacts to demonstrate technologies related to solar panels so as to help visitors better understand green energy. In addition to the exhibits, diverse events, like face-to-face online talk shows and quiz shows, served as opportunities for both industry representatives and visitors to enjoy the exhibition.

2. Q CELLS’ green energy on display

<Residential Solutions Zone (left) and Q CELLS’ booth (right)>

Now, let’s take a closer look at Q CELLS’ booth, selected as the Best Booth in the “Participants’ Choice Awards” during the show! 

Q CELLS demonstrated a total photovoltaic (PV) solutions package that is currently in operation or under research in six zones: Next-Generation Technology, Virtual Power Plant (VPP), Residential Solutions, Floating PV, Commercial PV Modules and Agricultural PV. The Next-Generation Technology zone displayed a prototype of a perovskite tandem cell – an area in which the company has made aggressive investments and research. The VPP zone featured virtual power plants based on GELI, a platform that provides an innovative energy production, distribution and management system. 

On display in the Agricultural PV zone was an agricultural PV module produced in a similar structure as in actual settings as well as in a way to minimize environmental impact on crops, helping visitors understand and experience the principle and effects of the product more easily.
In addition, Q.HOME CORE, a next-generation energy storage system, and Q.OMMAND, an application supporting installation and management, were displayed in the Residential Solutions zone, modeled after a residential house. Q.HOME CORE appealed to many visitors, as it provides an efficient energy storage solution for homes and enables easy and fast installation.

Q.HOME E.DRIVE was on show as well. The device allows users to charge electric cars with electricity produced from solar power plants. Q CELLS, which is pursuing win-win growth with domestic SMEs, demonstrated charging of KST Electric’s electric car at the exhibition, giving a picture of how a solar solution for homes will be realized. It also presented the viable future of its total energy solutions package with products, including Q.HOME CORE and Q.OMMAND, scheduled to be launched in Germany and other European countries as well as in Australia.

<VR device installed in Floating PV zone>

Q.PEAK DUO G11 Poseidon, a floating PV-exclusive module, was displayed in the Floating PV zone. It was one of the most interesting zones to visitors, as they could have the same experience via a VR device as if they visited an actual floating PV power plant. 

<Hanwha Group’s green value chain (left) and diorama of Q CELLS’ new and renewable energy business (right)>

In addition to PV solutions, Hanwha Group’s hydrogen value chain was introduced, including producing green hydrogen through solar energy, and storing and transporting it. A charging station model and hydrogen combustors brought visitors closer to the group’s technologies, efforts and commitment to the green hydrogen value chain.

3. 2021 Korea Energy Show – excellent combination of interesting events, fun quiz shows and spectacular technologies

<Quiz show held at Q CELLS booth>

Apart from the introduction of products and solutions, a fun random draw and quiz show were held at the Q CELLS booth, receiving favorable responses from visitors. These helped communicate Q CELLS’ response to the climate crisis, the value of the Green New Deal and Hanwha Group’s businesses and products in a more interesting and friendly way. Diverse green products added more value to this explanation.

<Q CELLS’ new product presentation aired live; Source – 2021 Korea Energy Show>

In addition to its own events, Q CELLS also explained knowledge and policies regarding energy in an easy way during the “Green New Deal Energy Quiz Show” and “e-Ontact Talk Show” targeting all visitors, playing a major role in enriching this exhibition. It also gave a new product presentation via live streaming on YouTube to communicate its eco-friendly solutions and technologies even to customers who couldn’t attend the exhibition in person.

Q CELLS remains committed to moving forward to become a global total energy solution provider in the green energy market.

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